If it's time to choose a preschool program for your child – and you want to make sure they have the best opportunities for growth – you need to consider a Montessori school. While all pre-schools will get your kids ready for school, Montessori schools will get them ready for life. Here are just four of the many life lessons your child can learn in a Montessori school.

Conflict Resolution

When children are involved in a Montessori education, they learn how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful and non-aggressive way. Through Montessori, your child will learn how to resolve issues with playmates while remaining calm. The lessons your child learns about conflict, and how to resolve it responsibly, will help them overcome conflict throughout their life.


From the time your child enters Montessori pre-school, they will be taught how to be independent. For instance, your child will learn how to hang up their own coat and use the restroom on their own. This independence will come in handy when your child begins K-12 education is must learn how to work independently in the classroom. While other children will be learning this new concept, your child will have already mastered it.

Expanded Peer Groups

When your child grows up, they will interact with a peer group that doesn't solely contain people from their own age-group. This can be difficult to adapt to when they're used to only associating with people who are their same age. Montessori programs teach your child how to socialize and interact with children of all ages. To accomplish this, your child will be in classrooms with children who are younger and older than they are. As they continue through the program they will have the opportunity to be the youngest in the class, as well as the oldest in the class.

Curiosity is a Good Thing

One of the many things that Montessori programs teach is that curiosity is a good thing. Unlike traditional pre-school programs, Montessori programs encourage children to find answers to their own questions. They do this by encouraging exploration. As your child progresses through school – and through life – they will have the necessary skills to use their natural curiosity to discover facts about the world around them.

If you're in the process of choosing a pre-school program for your child, you should consider a Montessori program. The information provided above will show you the life skills your child will learn. For more information, be sure to speak to a Montessori educator like Country Day School near you.