If you have to go through an interview in order to gain admission into a private high school, chances are good that this is the first interview that you've been on. As a result, you might be extremely nervous and not know exactly what to do. Here are some tips for making a good impression during your private high school interview.

1. Wear the Right Clothes

Look online for what the dress code is for the high school. This will allow you to gauge how the person interviewing you expects people your age to dress when they are in a more formal situation. Go through your wardrobe and pick out clothes that match their current dress code in terms of style. For example, if the boys at the school wear collared shirts, ties, and nice shoes, you should wear the same and consider bringing a sports jacket if it gets cold or if you want to add an additional layer of formality. If the girls at the school wear skirts down to their knees, you should find a good quality skirt that goes down to that same length and wear the same sort of shirt that the uniform requires, tucked in. This will give the person interviewing you the subconscious feeling that you already belong at the school and will increase the chances that you will make a positive impression.

Wearing the right clothing will also help you to be more confident during the interview and allow you to focus on answering questions, not if your skirt is too short.

2. Stand When You Shake Hands

You're probably going to have to wait in a waiting room until your interviewer is ready for you. When he or she comes into the room, make sure that you stand immediately and meet him or her halfway in order to shake his or her hand. This is an action that shows that you respect the other person and will give the interviewer the impression of maturity. This is a common action that adults perform when they meet anyone new in a formal setting and mimicking the action allows you to give the impression that you are an adult.

3. Take Responsibility For Any Mistakes You've Made

In some cases, an interview is a way for a student to explain his or her poor grades in certain classes or in certain years. Many private schools need a certain GPA in order to accept you and if you had a bad year because your mom had cancer and you were constantly spending late nights at the hospital, the interview is a great way to explain that situation. In the case of the given example, you should say something to the effect of "I know that my seventh grade report card is not as strong as I would have preferred, but I wanted to be there with my mom and was not getting as much sleep during this time. It was a choice I made, for better or for worse." This allows you to acknowledge the consequences of your actions.

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